Eskimi DSP has partnered with Vconnect to create unique business segment for targeting

Eskimi DSP, a Lithuania-based firm and the largest programmatic network in Africa, has partnered with Vconnect, a Nigeria, Lagos-based homegrown online service marketplace, to introduce a new digital product in Nigeria – ability to target small and medium businesses from Nigeria. “We were always getting requests from banks and financial clients to be able to[…]

Targeted ads for each supermarket customer

Most studies show that 80% of people still prefer to shop in the supermarkets because they are able to judge products’ quality and freshness. Furthermore, people prefer supermarkets that are offering additional discounts on the products that they usually buy. Based on the above facts, eskimidsp can offer amazing solutions for FMCG companies – the possibility to optimise their ads according to the customers, who are most likely to buy from specific supermarkets.