Impress customers with in-banner videos

Video entertains, educates and inspires. Video is a great story-teller and keeps users glued to your content. It is particularly good when high reach, low cost per view and good CTR are needed. With #eskimidsp you can deliver high impact and highly measurable video campaigns. You can choose in-banner or VAST placements. Detailed video metrics of watched length, view-through-rate, cost-per-view are available. As videos are non-skippable up to 30s, so is recommended to have them short.

Preparation for Christmas Season

Time flies very quickly. So, start thinking about the upcoming Christmas Season and get ready for it in advance! #eskimidsp can help you to prepare nice rich media banners that would be a perfect way to impress your customers and create exclusive Christmas campaigns for your services, brands or products. And this obviously will help you to improve your sales.

Impress your audience with rich media banners

If you are searching for a new original way to promote your brand or products, #eskimidsp can offer you to use rich media banners. Rich media ads offer more ways to involve the audience with your ads. You have a possibility to choose from different kinds of rich media banners: they could fly, interact, be scratched, shaken or support any other activity. So it depends on your imagination and the purpose of your campaign.