Eskimi SSP

Eskimi SSP, the counterpart to demand-side system, allows publishers to offer their available inventory to ad exchanges and DSPs. We help publishers to monetize their traffic with our Eskimi SSP solution, which helps to earn higher profits and get better quality ads serving.

Advantages of Eskimi SSP

- Eskimi SSP partners with the TOP local Publishers

- Platform serves unique, non-standard creatives available just on SSP

- Choose SSP when planning awareness and high visibility campaigns

- Eskimi SSP allows to serve alcohol, betting and tobacco ads if it meets market rules

- There are success cases and good practices from telecommunication, banking, cosmetics, food&beverages and other industries to share

Key benefits

- Use the floating banner for perfect visibility, CTR and CR

- Run any Rich Media banner only on local sites

- Ask for a non-standard banner and we will discuss a possibility to launch it with our Publishers

- Looking for a specific placement in the local portals? We will discuss your inquiry with each Publisher