Telecom Attribution

Eskimi DMP algorithms are solving telecom attribution complexities when measuring impacts of new user acquisition and migration from 3G to 4G. How successful was your last consumer acquisition campaign targeted at competition? We know.

Telecom Research

Telecom Research Dashboard is one of a kind tool to Mobile Network Operators and Agencies. Track real-time mobile data consumer market changes, analyze your telecom performance in the market, measure your new data offerings or marketing campaigns. Track mobile data market shares, Multi-SIM, loyal, churn consumer segments, 3G/4G data consumption, compare your telecom audiences with competition using socio-economic class, device and OS usage. Attribute the success of your marketing campaigns using Eskimi Telecom Insights and DMP products.

Telecom Data

There’s way more insights to be seen behind your campaign performance and collected data. We have a tool to see the big picture called the Telco Dashboard. It allows you to get insights on three different sections: market overview, economics and mobile devices. You can understand user behaviour by SIM usage, track user migrations from one telecom to another, compare the socio-economic class of telecom users and more. Watch our video to see the dashboard's capabilities!

Discovering blind spots

Telecoms do not always see all of the data that the users consume. Our platform can tell you how many SIMs a telecom gained or lost, what kind of user migration it is experiencing, what mobile devices the users use etc. This way you can gain more insights into your consumers and adjust actions accordingly.

API based access

An application programming interface (API) defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries. In our platform's case, it allows you to learn more about your users in an anonymised way. You will understand the decisions and actions of your target groups way better.

Attribute offline conversions

Our platform empowers you to identify, target, acquire and measure the impact of your digital marketing campaigns. For example, As a mobile operator, you could track not only online purchases but also compare sales offline when customers buy a SIM card in physical shops.