Geolocation and footfall

With Eskimi DSP you are able to access hyperlocation targeting which allows you target audiences by geographical area, city district or any specific building or shape on a map. As for footfall tracking, it grants you the ability to measure how many users that viewed your ad visited the physical location of your business.

Reach targeted audiences within a specific distance of single or multiple geolocations! Geolocation targeting helps reach your campaign goals and measure the effect on both your brand awareness as well as ROI. This type of targeting allows you to reach potential business customers within driving or walking distance of a specific store, airport, hotel, billboard... You name it!
While ad views and clicks never show the full story of a consumer’s journey, Eskimi's Footfall tracking provides important data about the number of actual visits to the physical location of your business, helping you to optimize your campaign while it is still running. Get real-time information about how many consumers actually come to you following the exposure to your ads!

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