What makes Eskimi different from other programmatic platforms?

  • We have the highest number of ad exchanges and SSP for direct publishers integration
  • Rich media and possibility to either use our team to build them or upload easily self service
  • Very niche Geofencing, possibility to target even part of the building
  • Footfall tracking
  • API with Google and FB to run everything in one place and have one reporting dashboard + uploading Eskimi DMP id’s to Facebook
  • Telco dashboard

and many other advantages our platform and team can offer! Reach out via sales@eskimi.com or fill in this contact form to learn more.

What is CPM and CPC?

CPM means “cost per thousand impressions”, which is a measurement of how much money it costs you to reach 1,000 readers, viewers, visitors or listeners. CPC or “cost per click” refers to the actual price you pay for each click in your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns.

Where are your ads shown?

We work with numerous exchanges which gives us the reach & ability to show your brand ads all around the digital landscape of the country you are targeting.

What inventory do you have?

Through 45+ supply sources, 2,5 million sites and apps, own SSP platform, Eskimi reaches more than 1,5 billion consumers worldwide.

Is your platform just for monitoring live results of campaigns?

No, our extended platform has an ability to set up and launch campaigns, target audiences, track performance, discover traffic and much more!

Does Eskimi support third party tracking?

Yes, we do support it. We support Appsflyer & Adjust integrations for apps & third party tracking for each impression.

What budget should we start with?

Self service doesn’t require minimum budget. As for managed service, minimum budget is $500. Recommended budget to start is $1000.

Are there any hidden fees (platform/additional services etc.)?

No, there are absolutely no hidden fees. All the costs are talked through with the client prior to any action taken.

Where are your physical offices?

We are present in Lithuania, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, India, UAE & Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Vietnam and Indonesia. For more detailed information and contacts visit our “Contact” page.