What is Eskimi DSP?

Eskimi DSP is a proprietary technology platform allowing brands and agencies to run programmatic campaigns using display, native, video or rich media formats. You can optimise towards your marketing outcomes using automated tools powered by machine learning and algorithms.

What are the ad formats you can use?

Rich Media builder

Have all the content prepared and want to create your own rich media? Use our rich media builder to do so only in 3 minutes - all the formats at your disposal! For more sophisticated ad solutions we recommend working with our team.

Self service

Want to create, launch and manage your own campaigns with all Eskimi DSP powers available? No problem - all you need to do is fill in this form which will allow us to create an account for you and give you the keys to your campaign journey!

Managed service

Campaigns that have multiple goals, have more sophisticated solutions integrated, are more complex in general require more preparations and attention while running live. Our AdOps team is always ready to assist you in all stages of your campaign as well as understanding results and adjusting future campaigns accordingly.

Media planning tools

Use Traffic discovery tool to understand your target inventory size based on various elements, like creative size, type, placement, operators and many more! By simply picking filters that are useful to you, you will be able to access data which will help you plan better digital advertising campaigns.

Targeting with data enabled

- Target by all technology splits: OS, telecom, device, device brand, network type, device capabilities, ISPs and more
- You can target by demographics: age, gender, location, hyper-location and more
- Use behavioural targeting to reach audiences by interests, retargeting lists, visited locations, socioeconomic class etc.
- Target by Telecom insights segments: multi-SIM users, loyal users, 3G/4G consumption, custom segments
- Use targeting by sites, apps, sites packages
- Enable Private marketplace targeting

Your audiences: create and target

- Create audiences by interests, using historical browsing data across more than 2200 interest categories

- Create and manage First party retargeting audiences
- Create hyper local targeting and geofencing audiences from multiple locations
- Upload your custom deviceID lists

White label solution: your own branded DSP

Own your branded DSP with Eskimi as your invisible technology partner. You and your clients can manage their reports or launch campaigns. Single View platform with Facebook, Youtube and Adwords integration also available as white label. Your style and logo is placed on login screens, inside pages and all report PDF exports.

Key features

Real time reporting & dashboard
Self-service campaign management
Multi-platform media planning
Automatic optimisation towards CTR, CPC, CPV, CPL, CPA
Socio-economic class targeting
Unique audience segment targeting
Site packages and targeting
40+ ad-exchanges and supply sources
Research dashboards
Traffic discovery
Multi-user management, agency accounts
OS, Browser, Operator, Device type, Site & Apps targeting
White label DSP solution
Data management platform (DMP) solution with local data
SSP integration

Unique creative services

Even though templates for rich media are a time saviour when creating campaigns, they are not a recommended solution once we want to reach very specific or multiple goals at the same time. Eskimi can help you create unique creatives and develop eye-catching rich media. Let us know!


At Eskimi we use both manual and automated optimisation to reach the best results! This way we combine campaign control and effort together with decision speed and budget efficiency.