Case study

November 22, 2015

Coca-Cola ran a campaign inside Eskimi to engage customers with their “Share A Coke” campaign. The idea of the campaign was to congratulate users on their birthdays by sending them personalised Coca-Cola cans with their Eskimi user names. The campaign ran during the period from February to April and congratulated 1.2 million users having their birthdays at these days.

Eskimi used targeted messages to user Inboxes, additional notifications, display media to reach the best engagement rates.

Additional value created by the campaign was viral spread of the birthday greetings and Coca-Cola cans inside Eskimi. Users receiving named cans were delighted and shared these cans to their friends. Additional of morethan 24 million views of the shared cans were delivered as a result of viral user engagement.

coke eskimi campaign

Vytas Paukstys, CEO of Eskimi commented on the campaign results:

“Share a Coke was an amazing campaign! It included organic integration inside the product and users were thrilled to receive personal Coca-Cola cans. Users shared the cans with their friends and the customized cans went viral. We were happy with campaign results, more than 1 million birthday cards generated 16 million friend views and are about to generate even more.”

Coca-Cola Central East and West Africa’s Digital Manager, Waithera Kabiru commented:

“We had an ambitious target, to connect with consumers in a personal way on their turf. Eskimi provided this platform and provided an innovative way for the brand to connect on a non-mainstream social media platform.”

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