New exclusive partner in Australia and New Zealand

Good news is spreading across the globe—Eskimi has just stepped into Australia and New Zealand. Launch Ventures, a software engineering company, are the new exclusive representative partners for Eskimi in the Oceania market and will take care of business development in the region.

Launch Ventures: a new exclusive partnership

Eskimi is operating in Asia since 2015. Step by step, the company moved towards and got into South and South-East Asian regions. Now Eskimi’s journey has extended even further, and the company is ready to conquer the new market. The partnership with Launch Ventures is a promising one: this software engineering company operates in strong markets, including Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, and India. The company has a network of 150+ clients worldwide operating in various sectors: fintech, energy, retail & e-commerce, government & public sector, media & advertising, and startups. Launch Ventures works with companies of all sizes and experiences, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies, consulting them on technology strategy and providing solutions that work. Eskimi is proud this is Launch Ventures, who is from now representing Eskimi DSP (Demand-Side Platform).

Eskimi DSP: keeping the inventory cost in check

Australia and New Zealand have a very developed digital marketing business. Eskimi is excited to join the strong market—the company is ready to offer unique and innovative programmatic advertising solutions at a competitive price. Eskimi DSP reaches around 1.5B users all over the world—so the local companies are more than welcome to explore Eskimi services and join the power. As Launch Ventures states, the new partnership will “keep the inventory cost in check”: Eskimi DSP will make it way more cost-efficient to deliver value for the clients.

The powerful platform combines programmatic, big data, research, and digital media to create and reach unique audience segments for different industries. With Eskimi DSP, programmatic advertising campaigns are quick and easy to optimize and fully adjustable to any company’s needs (you can create your own audiences or own your branded DSP). Valued for being both creative and operative, vastly experienced Eskimi DSP team also provides rich media solutions for highly engaging advertising. The expert rich media team employs the most recent practices, including dynamic creatives that change according to certain data: real-time sports results, weather, bank exchange rate, etc.

Now Eskimi DSP is bringing all these innovative, creative, and cost-efficient solutions to Australia and New Zealand. The company is happy to be exclusively represented here by Launch Ventures.

Discover Launch Ventures HERE.