Eskimi Audience and Inventory Extension Solution

February 7, 2019

This time #EskimiDSP introduces new Audience and Inventory Extension solution. This solution enables publishers to enter data market and open new data revenue streams. Publishers, who have valuable and niche audiences, can use Eskimi Audience and Inventory Extension functionality to re-target their audience outside their site. 

This allows to increase the reach and inventory of a specific audience up to 10 times.


  • Publishers create First party audiences from their sites by implementing Eskimi DSP audience codes;
  • Audience codes can create multiple audiences per site;
  • Audiences become visible on Eskimi DSP for targeting;
  • Publishers can sell those audiences via Eskimi DSP;
  • Publishers can create a white label DSP.

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Eskimi DSP has partnered with Vconnect to create unique business segment for targeting

Eskimi DSP, the largest programmatic network in Africa, has partnered with Vconnect, a Nigeria, Lagos-based homegrown online service marketplace, to introduce a new digital product in Nigeria – ability to target small and medium businesses from Nigeria.

This partnership was launched based on Eskimi Audience and Inventory Extension solution.

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