Be prepared for Valentine’s Day!

January 17, 2019

The day full of hearts, sweet words and love is coming. So get prepared for Valentine’s Day! #EskimiDSP can help you to prepare unique rich media banners that would be a perfect way to impress your customers and create exclusive campaigns for Valentine’s Day and promote your services, brands or products. And this obviously will help you to improve your sales.

We can offer you many to choose from different kinds of rich media banners: they could fly, interact, be scratched, shaken or support any other activity. So, it depends on your imagination – we will find the best solution for you!

Check below some examples of rich media banners that can be used for your Valentine’s Day campaigns.


Target audience will rotate the phone to the left to connect the heart. After connection, promotional imagery and message will appear.

Check some examples HERE.


Target audience will drag the pieces to put a heart together. After interaction, promotional imagery and message will appear.

Check some examples HERE.


Target audience will scratch off the first image to reveal the hidden promotional imagery and message.

Check some examples HERE.

  • Heart will be beating (moving to the front and back) to attract target audiences attention. Promotional imagery and message will have an animated appearance.
  • Check some examples HERE.


So write us at for more information about rich media campaigns and banners or just fill in the Contact Form on our website and lauch the campaign now!

Interactive Ads for Telcos

Eskimi can offer you interactive rich media ads that will help to unique and attractive campaigns. 

Check out some of rich media ads for Telcos executed in African markets in the video below.

Contact us to create exclusive ads for your campaigns!

Interactive Ads for Telcos

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