Native Ads – a distinctive way to reach targeted audience

November 21, 2018

#eskimidsp has one more amazing solution for your campaigns – sponsored posts that follow the natural form and function of the user experience in which they are placed. Those ads are known as Native Ads.

Native Ads has responsive formats allowing publishers to easily scale these ads to fit every device and context – different placements and different dimensions.

Native Ads have higher conversions and are driving registrations, purchases or app downloads for our clients worldwide.


Native ads are based of flexible components that are insert into different layouts, depending on the type of device the ad is served, how the content on the page appears, and more.

What should be prepared in order to launch native ad campaign?

  • Icon 128x128px (app/product icon)
  • Main image 1200x627px; 600x600px
  • Title (product or service) 25 symbols*
  • Description (advertising text) 90 symbols*
  • CTA (described call-to-action for the destination) 15 symbols*
  • Advertiser (name of the advertiser) 25 symbols*

* – including the spaces between letters


Consumer conversion using native ads is on an ‘all-time high‘ as brands are not just selling but offering the consumer more. Unlike other Ad formats, Native Ads have an additional headline, a description that has information about the products or brand, so this helps to convince the consumer to make the conversion is quicker.

Want to try Native Ads for your campaigns?

Native advertising can be an awesome way for your brand’s visibility moving to another reach.

Write us at for more information about Native Ads and campaigns or just fill in the Contact Form on our website that you can find HERE.

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