Targeted ads for each supermarket customer

October 25, 2018

supermarket audience targeting

Most studies show that 80% of people still prefer to shop in the supermarkets because they are able to judge products’ quality and freshness. Furthermore, people prefer supermarkets that are offering additional discounts on the products that they usually buy.

Based on the above facts, eskimidsp can offer amazing solutions for FMCG companies – the possibility to optimise their ads according to the customers, who are most likely to buy from specific supermarkets.

Eskimi DMP can build supermarket audiences based on the real regular visits to the selected places, meaning that FMCG companies will have a possibility to target specific supermarket visitors and provide them with different discounts and exclusive offers.

In addition, supermarket audience-based targeting is a perfect way to help brands to increase their sales.

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What is Targeting?

Targeting is a feature in our DSP/DMP based on 100s of data points that signal user purchasing power, like device end-user price, location by value of district, content use, 4G consumption, overall data consumption and more!

Audience targeting allows brands to decide, who will see their ads. How you advertise your brand digitally depends on your product or service, your ideal audience and what your goals are.


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