New market research tools

October 23, 2018

Great new tool from #eskimidsp – online surveys for your market research needs.

Typical use cases for such online surveys are:
– Customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement
– Product strong and weak spots
– Behaviour pattern analysis
– Campaign impact evaluation


We support all typical question types such as single or multiple selection, open ended, numeric open ended, rating starts, ranking, matrix single or matrix multiple selection.


All reports we will deliver in visually attractive charts.
As recipients answers are matched with Eskimi DMP profiles, there is a possibility to generate reports in deeper insights.

Examples of Researches


Online Survey on Nigerian Banking Services

Survey was done in Nigeria.
The survey revealed which banks are the most popular among online population.
The results of the survey helps to find out the competitive situation between the different payment services and banks.


Online Survey on Daily Use of FMCG Products

Survey was done in Bangladesh.
This survey highlighted which soap brands are preferred choice between online population for their daily usage.
The results of such online surveys can help to highlight brands that are less popular among online population and that have higher potential response to online marketing efforts.

Business Model and Pricing

  • Members of our Partnership Programme get this service free of charge.
  • Surveys can be included as a part of bigger advertising projects.
  • Standalone projects – get in touch for price.

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