FMCG Brands need to get serious with Mobile

We can agree that Brand managers are more inclined to use traditional media formats such as TV, radio, billboards, etc to drive FMCG sales because of the misconception that only a small portion of their target audience were on mobile. However, as media becomes increasingly more fragmented across devices, it can no longer remain accurate to focus marketing efforts in any one area.

Why are conversions so “low” on Programmatic Campaigns?

Brand managers typically focus on sales figures, and so are only really interested in conversions, Returns on Investment (ROI) for their media campaigns. With Programmatic gaining a foothold in the Nigerian market, it’s important for brand managers to understand how to measure display campaign performance.They may hear of a campaign with millions of impressions, a 1% click-through rate, and wonder ‘where is all my budget going?’