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One of the largest mobile social media platforms in emerging markets reaching more than 20M engaged consumers. Learn about Eskimi social for your business.


Double your advertisement revenue

Eskimi provides a programmatic way of monetising publisher inventory by using real time bidding technology and ad optimisation know-how to maximise revenue from web and mobile sites worldwide

Monetise your ads with Eskimi

Being a mobile social network Eskimi needed a solution to monetise billions of impressions in an efficient way – get only the best advertising offers from the market and show as little ads as possible to keep customers engaged and happy. 5 years ad monetisation experience is now concentrated into one platform for publishers.

Monetise your mobile, desktop or in-app ads and grow your revenue while keeping your users happy.




News, social, blog or any other content can be monetised. Eskimi uses all standard web banners and focuses on getting only the highest quality and highest paying ads for your site.


Mobile usually accounts for 70% and more traffic on the current sites, especially in markets in Asia and Africa. We have deep mobile experience and understand market specifics. We even monetise traffic on proxy browsers which in some markets are loved by users and take up to 75% of total mobile traffic even on smartphones.


How we do it?

Increase revenue

Eskimi uses real time bidding technology to deliver best performing ads for all targeting segments of publisher traffic from more than 30 exchanges as a result increasing revenue up to 3 times

Increase retention & site usage

By choosing only best performing ads, lowest bidding advertisers are filtered resulting in less clicks and less visitors leaving the site, higher retention and usage

Save ad ops costs

Eskimi automated bidding technology and ad ops team takes care of your traffic and constantly optimises it for best results. You can focus on your product and users

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