Standing Out In Your Campaigns With Dynamic Ads

March 12, 2018

Imagine Dynamic Ad creatives as your personal stylist for an event, whatever content served to you is based on what you like or might dislike in some cases. The more websites you visit to get a particular product or service, the more ads you see will be tailored similarly to what you have searched for.

The Ads are served by the use of cookies found on the sites you’ve visited, location, what time of the day and even the weather alongside other factors to tailor these ads that are targeted at you to suit your specific need at the time.

A baker based in Lagos can leverage on this to target you directly with various cake designs to suit specific events – weddings, birthdays, graduations e.t.c. If you search for wedding photographers in Lagos, not only would you see photographers across Lagos city, you will also be served Ads from the baker.

Dynamic ads give brands the opportunity to combine creative elements in delivering a unique user experience. These are highly personalized mobile ads that can adapt to the audience’s environment including time, weather conditions, location, and device, to aid marketing efforts on programmatic campaigns.

Dynamic ads are designed for smartphone devices, as they use data from device OS, location, demographics, and behavioral data to generate the unique ads. This makes defining the target market for your brand important, as it would inform how many customers you can reach with this ad format.

Are you targeting premium or mass market? What devices and browsers do your target market use?

Our Programmatic DSP has conversion tools that can adapt dynamic ads to a JPEG format easily viewable on different devices, including feature phones. Thus, ensuring that your audience, regardless of the device they may be using, can still see your ads.

Eskimi introduced dynamic ad formats to our clients, and have seen significant growth in their popularity. Brands have used this creative format to enjoy significant returns in Click-Through Rates (CTRs) and engagement on their campaigns. As such, dynamic ads should form part of most brand’s programmatic content strategy for the year.


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