From Retargeting To Results

February 12, 2018

Imagine you’re a cafe owner and you’ve got these amazing brownies and the perfect latte (Talk about heaven) – your cafe is situated at one of the city’s business hubs, talk about the ideal clients for your business, you have a couple of people who stop by to purchase and not return, you have those that stop by look around and not purchase and then you have your regular customers – the 2%

Retargeting converts window-shoppers into buyers. Generally, 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting brings back the other 98% – AdRoll.


How do you get the 98% to add up to your 2% – is that even possible? This is all about retargeting ads – creative design, promos/discounts to your call-to-action should be catchy.46% of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) professionals believe retargeting is the most underutilized online marketing strategy. –

First of all…. Introduction

What is retargeting?
This is a form of online advertising. that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they. leave your website.

So, how do you convert your window shoppers to regular customers with retargeting?

Target the right audience – Showing the same Ad to every customer that visits isn’t the wisest retargeting strategy, I don’t need to be seeing male 41 shoes if I search on your website for female shoes – my data points should have given you a hint of what I like. Your retargeting Ads should be based on their interest of your products and services when customers visit your website. This will ensure that you’re showing the right offer to the right audience.

Creative designs – Your creatives should be engaging enough for your potential customer to stop by and purchase, have close to 10 creatives for a retargeting campaign and check to see what works. A user may no longer be interested in your offerings after seeing the same ads over a particular period of time as clickthrough rates decrease by almost 50% after five months of running the same set of ads ( so alternating your ad creatives for the period of the campaign keeps it fresh and reduces the significant drop in performance.

Call-to-action –  Simple and straight to the point. I have seen your Ad, now what do you what me to do? Do I register? Do I share with a friend? Do I what? Your campaign CTA is a guideline of what they are to do once they have taken interest in your Ad, it’s meant to convert the 98% to the 2% regular shoppers. ‘Check out reviews from customers’ is an interesting way to get me to buy your product, another customer has tried it out and dropped comments on why I and the million other people should purchase. Some campaigns (I would say) forget to include a CTA leaving the impressions gotten from the campaign meaningless.

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