The Reasons Why Marketers Prefer Mobile Video Ads

January 10, 2018

In today’s ever-evolving world, marketers are finding and sticking to strategies that will help reach and engage with their targeted audience while achieving the campaign goals.

Over the past 8months, the Mobile Video Ads on the Eskimi DSP have grown. Data showing as of 2017 that an average person spends about 5hours a day on their smartphones. Mobile now accounts for about 65% of total digital media consumption.

So why do brand marketers choose video ads now? Here are few reasons

Brand awareness
What better way to tell people why to buy or use your product/services than to show and speak to them? Motions, movements, people – creating a believable scenario that make your targeted audience go like ‘That should be me” ‘This speaks to me”mobile video ads get higher clickthrough than desktop-based ads.

High CTR
Video-based content is easier to understand and provides engaging content/entertainment other than educating the audience about your products/services with video ads having an average of 3% CTR. Marketers have named mobile video ads as the best type of digital ad with amazing ROI.

Memory Span
A study shows that the brain can retain up to or more than 30 days memory of a video ad seen. Consumers are more likely to remember your video campaign than any other digital ad campaigns.

Organic Traffic
Mobile video ads can increase search queries on generic and brand-specific terms three times as video ads have an immediate impact on search queries.

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