5 Things I Learnt from Eskimi’s Session at Social Media Week Lagos 2017

March 8, 2017

Eskimi CEO Vytas Paukstys convened a panel of experts at a session on Programmatic Advertising, at Social Media Week Lagos 2017.

Eskimi panel at SMW

As the newest member of the Eskimi team in Lagos, I was keen to hear marketing practitioners speak on this increasingly popular advertising technology. Here are 5 things I learnt:

1. Better planning will help brands run more effective digital campaigns

Have you ever seen a random Ad and wondered why it popped up on your page? Or when you visited a site you frequent often, why one particular Ad was splashed around literally everywhere on the site? All boils down to poor planning.

At the session, panellists pointed out that planning was a very significant part of successful campaigns using programmatic, and one which media houses needed to put more effort into in order to get the most out of their campaigns. This could range from setting adequate timelines for campaigns, to carrying out the necessary due diligence on the platforms being targeted.

Segun Martins, Head of Digital at Insight, highlighted this view in the context of app download campaigns. He stressed the need to ensure that the relevant codes were installed on the apps prior to campaign launch, necessary for tracking data and measuring performance.

2. Insights from Programmatic can improve other elements of a digital campaign

Digital campaigns usually consist of several elements such as Search, Display, Social and Email. With data-enriched programmatic display & video, Data Management Platforms (DMPs) sort and collate vast amounts of audience data into useable and transferable insights that improve other platforms in the overall digital campaign.

When you start your digital campaign, you already have the strategy set out but because of the detailed insights you can get from your DMP and how real time it is, we begin to optimise our other platforms. So it’s not just about display, those insights can be ploughed into social media, into email marketing, into mobile marketing.

– Ose Osundeko, Head of Digital, Media Perspectives at Eskimi social media week session

3. Saving you even more money

The current squeeze on marketing budgets puts even greater pressure on media planners to drive down costs. Beyond pushing for greater discounts from publishers, the panellists explained that media buyers could benefit from the cost optimisation that, programmatic affords.

Buying impressions tailored to their audiences rather than wasteful tenancies, capping impressions, and real time bidding all makes programmatic an intrinsically smarter choice than direct placements.

4. Simplicity and strategy

As popular as programmatic media buying has become in the West, it is still a very new concept in the Nigerian market, and a fact we need to be cognisant of when marketing programmatic platforms to potential users in this market.

Jelil Adedoyin, Client Servicing, Digital Media OMD Nigeria, explained that Nigerian media agencies are used to the regular buying patterns, with little emphasis on setting objectives and KPIs. Given the benefits of programmatic media buying, the onus is on proponents of the technology to introduce it in simple terms to brand managers by emphasising the benefits to their overall strategy.

This could mean merely recommending the technology as a way to address obvious inefficiencies in their strategy or running simultaneous campaigns, one using programmatic and the other using the traditional buying process, and comparing the results. This approach should hopefully see more marketers using the platform in the Nigerian market.

5. Science meets creativity

It is very natural, especially for tech savvy people, when faced with a new gadget/technology etc to spend a bit of time tinkering with it to fully understand it. Likewise, with programmatic, panellists pointed out that initially when introduced to programmatic, there was a greater focus on the science. However, once understood, the focus starts shifting.

Media agencies such as Media Perspectives have also shifted focus. According to Ose Osundeko, they are now “about the creativity being ploughed into the science that they know works”.

We are therefore poised to see a lot more content changing in the future, with creative people focusing more on how to use the programmatic technology to produce more engaging, communal, and viral campaigns.

By Lisa Onianwa, Marketing, Eskimi Lagos

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